In September 1994, standing over the ruins of the birthplace of the poet Alekse Šantić from Mostar, which served as the Pentecostal Church of Christ since 1985, Nikola Škrinjarić had a vision that there would be a church again in that place. Although it seemed impossible in those times of war, Nikola trusted God for great things. Not only for the restoration of the church but also for the construction of a Bible school for young leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina who would come to school during weekdays and return on weekends to serve in their churches.

Soon after that, Nikola met in Zagreb with Dan Larkin, who came six months ago from Africa, Tanzania, where he participated in founding a similar school. In May 1995, Dan and his wife Nancy moved to Mostar and work on the school began. In September 1996, with one renovated room, a toilet and a classroom (which also served as a dining room), the Bible school began to operate. 18 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina went to lectures. Over the years, renovations continued and the school got its present appearance. Many students have gone through the Bible school and 2016 was the school's 20th anniversary. Dan Larkin served as the school's first principal, followed by David Lively and, in 2010, Mark Shady.

All along, the vision was for a local man to take over the leadership of the Bible school, which happened in 2019 when one of the school's first students, Bernard Mikulić, became the director. In March 2019, the Mostar Bible School grows into a Bible Institute with an expanded vision - teaching - equipping - encouraging and connecting. In Zechariah 4:10 the prophet said: “For who has despised the day of humble beginnings? Nikola and his team had a vision from God. They didn't give up when the beginnings really seemed humble and small. Today, after many years, we can see the fruits of their efforts.