Lift up the flag of love

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love”

1 Corinthians 13:13

The disciples of Jesus Christ raised three flags: faith, hope and love. These three flags fly above the church community showing the world how much their Lord has enriched them. However, the apostle Paul reveals a wonderful picture in our text: one day this world will come to an end. One day God’s promise will come true: “Behold, I am making a new heaven and a new earth.” The old world is disappearing in the great storms of the end times. A new world is emerging. One flag descends to the ground. It is a banner of faith. Because then we will no longer, as the Bible says, walk in faith. We got to watching. “We’ll watch him, as he is.”

And then another flag is lowered: the flag of hope. Because there is the end of all hope. The fulfillment of everything reigned. We have reached the goal.

But the third flag, the flag of love, is raised to the top. It is the only one flying over the new world of God, – where love is all in all. “But the greatest among them is love!” This flag of the church community remains for all eternity. Here we want to place ourselves under all three flags for a moment, in order to reach God’s new world.

However, shouldn’t we primarily raise the flag of holy love so that it flies over our lives in a completely different way, if love is going to outlive everything anyway?! God loves us through Jesus. We can love him too. And for his sake and for everyone else whom God leads on our way. And even those who are unsympathetic to us! Even our enemies!

Lord, transform our selfish heart! Amen.

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