Proverbs 17:27

One who withholds his words has knowledge, and a man of understanding maintains a calm spirit.

As I sit and think about what to write, a thought comes to my head, you should have read more Proverbs. It's hard to count the number of times I've left a meeting dejected and disappointed in myself because I spoke much more than I planned. To make matters worse, it mostly happened because I allowed myself to be provoked by someone's statement or attitude.

Keeping composure in life's situations is imperative for a disciple of Jesus and that is why many Proverbs address this need. The one who reads Proverbs already understands that wisdom and understanding are two almost equal concepts. A wise man is one who shrinks his words, and likewise, shrinking his words makes a person wise. Also, the one who has a calm spirit shows that he is a reasonable person, and a reasonable person can be recognized by the fact that he is not impulsive, i.e. he is calm.

Acquiring these qualities speaks of the life and spiritual maturity of each of us. Authentic wisdom manifested in measuredness and calmness of spirit, rather than passive-aggressive behavior, opens the door to success in life. In the workplace or in our circle of friends, each of us can wish to have this type of person. Why don't you and I become one of them?

Lord, help me to gain wisdom and reason by being measured and remaining a sober person even in those situations that challenge me to react in a way that I will later regret. Thank you for promising to give me a Defender, the Holy Spirit who will teach me how to react and what to say even in the most difficult situations. (Luke 12:12)

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