You shall not give false testimony

Reading: You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor!
Exodus 20:16

Reflection: We’ve all seen those courtroom dramas where witnesses, victims, or those being prosecuted take an oath, to tell the truth.  Perhaps you’ve even been in a situation yourself where you’ve had to testify for or against someone.  It’s a huge responsibility when you know that your version of the story, your choice of words, could influence how someone else’s future plays out. Maybe you don’t have direct courtroom experience, but the majority of us know the guilt of not standing up for someone; for choosing to cover our own backs rather than protect someone else; for choosing to act out of fear by talking someone down or gossiping about them. And many of us will, unfortunately, know what it feels like to be deceived, lied to, gossiped about, or misunderstood.

The greatest violation of this commandment has to be the trial of Jesus which led him to the cross.  At that moment, the righteous Pharisees were happy to forsake this law to protect their religion. Perhaps even more tragic is Peter’s denial of Jesus; Peter who walked so closely with Jesus, who promised him that he would never forsake him first fell asleep when he declared that he would stay awake in Jesus’ greatest hour of need and then denied that he was his disciple not once but three times.

Today, are the words that you speak full of empty promises, or do your actions match what’s coming out of your mouth?

Prayer: Jesus, thank You that You are faithful and that is because of Your faithfulness to the Father that we are saved.  Thank You that even though you were abandoned and denied by those closest to You, that You were falsely accused and mocked publicly, You chose to align Yourself to the will of our Father.  Thank you that even when we are faithless, You remain faithful because You cannot deny yourself. 

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