You Who Are In Heaven

Reading: Matthew 6:9
…Our Father, who art in heaven…

I recommend listening to the song “Our Father” by Hannah McClure:

Reflection: I don’t like traveling by airplane. I get a mild panic attack when I think that I’m miles above the ground in a thin metal contraption that shakes, and I don’t feel safe. The only way for me to calm down is to look out the window. Every time I’m amazed by the view of the sky. The clouds look like huge icebergs stretching endlessly. Above them, the sun, in all its glory, and then the blue sky. In those moments, I really see how magnificent nature is.

We see nature and natural phenomena every day, and we don’t usually stay amazed because we’re used to those sights. And yet, from the discovery of the first wheel to this day, humans have tried in every possible way to tame and subdue that same nature that seems so “ordinary.”

The Lord’s Prayer establishes a hierarchy between God and us right from the beginning. God is. He is the pure essence that exists. In another part of the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, it says that heaven is His throne, and the earth is His footstool. God reigns over all His creation. I often want to subjugate God to myself, to put Him in the mold in which I think He should be. But just as it’s impossible to tame the nature He created, it’s impossible to tame God. He reigns in heaven. Nature testifies to His rule and magnificence. All we’ve managed to do so far is to create a thin metal contraption that can rise to a height from which we can only see a fraction of His magnificence.

Prayer: Lord who art, I praise You. Heaven, earth, and all creation testify to Your grandeur. Thank You that wherever I look, I can see Your magnificence. Forgive me for so often wanting to rule and be in heaven instead of You. I surrender to You as Your creation and acknowledge that I remain silent before Your divinity. Help me to understand even more that You are the one for whom heaven is a throne, and the earth is Your footstool.

Translated from the Bosnian language by ChatGPT Feb 13 Version

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