Each year, about 500 children, young people, and adults participate in the summer camps. The camps are divided into several groups and each of the camps lasts for 6 days. The camp season begins with a camp we call “Prepare a Way” it is a working camp where the focus is on building the land and infrastructure to maintain the camps that follow. Although we have managed to renovate one devastated building on the site that can accommodate about 35 campers, we still lack accommodation capacity for those who are not suitable for accommodation in the tents. Still, most campers sleep in tents and enjoy it. "Prayer Camp" is an exciting weekend where representatives from all churches come to pray for their churches, cities, and country. This is a special time of fellowship, unity, and encouragement that every Evangelical Christian in Bosnia needs as we represent just a tiny bit of a country's population (0.025%).

The next three camps are for children, teenagers, and youth. This is an opportunity for children and young people to get to know each other, to be encouraged in their walk with the Lord, and to learn from his word. These camps always have a significant emphasis on evangelization because a good portion of campers does not come from Christian families. Many young people, teenagers, and children met their Savior for the first time at this camp. In this way, the ministry of the camp remains very important and deeply engraved in their hearts through their spiritual journey. Having said this, it is not surprising that many of them, once they grow up, want to be, to some extent, part of this ministry.