EC Mostar Brankovac

Since 1984 the premises of the Mostar Brankovac Evangelical Church have been the birth house of Aleksa Šantić, the famous Mostar poet, at the following address - Braće Šarića 19. We meet there every Sunday at 10am.

We as a church in Brankovac are a group of people from various places in BiH and the world, and so we are of various nationalities. The bible is our everyday inspiration and guide. Our core beliefs are the same as those of Christians throughout the world. We pray only to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), we celebrate Jesus’ birth and resurrection (Christmas and Easter), our services include prayer and thanksgiving, singing with instrumental accompaniment, preaching from the bible, and celebrating the Eucharist (the Lord’s Supper - thanksgiving for and remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins and salvation).

Although we are only a relatively small fellowship of believers, we are very active, motivated by Christ's Great Commission to make disciples. Our desire is not to build an institution, but rather a family, where everyone is developing their identity in Christ, and where everyone knows each other and wants to be in close fellowship with one another and with God. We aim for the principle that everyone in the church has a role, and serves in some way. We have a large work with children, teenagers and youth throughout the week. We organise various events for adults including Alfa courses.

We want to be a church that cares, for each other and for those around us; we want this to be at the heart of all we do because we value every human being as they are created by God. For this reason we purchased a plot of land 12km outside the city, which we use for agricultural production, and where we are building a house. The vision is for sustainable humanitarian aid, where our friends can be helped by receiving the produce of the land, and at the same time help by getting involved with the agricultural work. In the long term we hope that this will also be a place where those in need can care for each other, and live and work together in the country.

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Evangelical Church in Mostar – Brankovac

Braće Šarića 19
88 104 Mostar