God’s Breath

Reading: Psalm 104

Reflection: Our existence depends on God’s breath, and Psalm 104 best describes that joy on the day of Pentecost. In that psalm, it emphasizes how a creature breathes, comes to life, blossoms, progresses, and grows when God sends His breath. However, when He withdraws His breath, the creature dies. The Creator of the Universe sustains the life of His creation through His precise, reliable, and rhythmic breathing. God bestows His life-giving breath upon us from the moment of our birth when we take our first deep breath of earthly life. We rely on that breath until our last exhale. We should be aware that the Spirit of God is a gift from the Father, and we cannot acquire or retain it. It comes as a gift from our Creator. Today, at this moment, God’s breath is present in your life and mine, bringing us Christ, the Creator’s greatest gift to humanity. His presence fills the world with beauty, goodness, grace, and love that knows no boundaries. His breath revives the Church and sends it to proclaim Christ’s presence to a world in need of that boundless beauty, goodness, grace, and love.

Prayer: Today’s prayer should reflect gratitude to the Father for the breath of life through which we exist, live, and move (Acts 17:28). We pray to God to help us recognize His beauty, goodness, grace, and love in our lives and to share them with others. It also urges us to proclaim God’s peace through words, deeds, and behavior toward those around us.

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