Mostar – the first week

In January, we will focus our prayers on the city of Mostar, the place where the headquarters of the ECBiH is located. Mostar is the fifth largest city in our country and one of the most popular tourist destinations visited by almost a million people every year. Although almost 30 years have passed, the consequences of the last war, which left big and painful wounds in this beautiful city, are still felt, both in the city's infrastructure and in the relations between the population. We will end this week's devotional with a quote from Andrić's record about Mostar:

When a man spends the night in Mostar, it is not the sound that wakes him up in the morning, but the light. I know that from experience. The light greeted me when I arrived in Mostar, accompanied me during my stay from morning to evening, and later, after leaving, remained in me as the main characteristic of my memory of Mostar. It always seemed to me that what shines over this city favored by nature, and what permeates everything in it, is some special light, exceptional in strength and quality. I always thought that love for life, courage and cheerfulness, a sense of proportion and creative work must enter a person with it... I remember Mostar best because of that light.

During this week we pray:

  • that the people of Mostar know the true Light that gives light to everyone (Gospel of John 1:9)
  • for God's healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and restoration
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